Informed Consent

    Informed Consent

    I consent to participating in online/in-person music therapy/psychotherapy which will utilize a musical model providing me with opportunities to express, share and experience my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I acknowledge that there may be occasions that difficult emotions will arise during the group process and may feel unpleasant. Although experiencing unpleasant feelings can be challenging, psychotherapy has been shown to have benefits for individuals who undertake it. Psychotherapy often leads to positive outcomes such as a decrease in feelings of distress, a greater sense of awareness and self-compassion, improvements in interpersonal relationships and an increase in skills for coping and managing stress. However, there are no guarantees of any positive outcome. You will have to work outside of sessions on matters discussed within the sessions and you may be asked to complete assignments outside of scheduled session times.

    Consent for Video

    I consent to allowing the sessions to be recorded for the training and development of the therapist. The Therapist is prohibited from sharing the video with any other persons, except for a licenced psychotherapy supervisor who the Therapist will work closely with to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. The video will be destroyed/deleted after the therapist has review and assessed the session to determine the success of the interventions and progression of the therapeutic process.


    The therapist is required to keep all matter pertaining to the sessions confidential. There are some limits to confidentiality which the therapist would be required to report such as, a member expressing harm to themselves, others, or reports of child abuse, or abuse of a vulnerable person. If this is a group session, you are required to keep all content of the group session confidential.

    Substitute Decision Makers

    I provide consent as a parent, legal-guardian or substitute decision maker for to receive music therapy/psychotherapy services from a Music Therapist, Psychotherapist or Music Therapy Intern from Major Progressions Music Therapy. Any intern who has not received there MTA or RP status will be supervised by a senior MTA/RP.